The Desert
Golden Claws

Golden Claws is a band from the cultural heartland of Burlington, Vermont.


Press for golden claws:

"Golden Claws makes compelling music by utilizing whatever sounds and tools serve their vision. You can't pigeon-hole Golden Claws because they sound like themselves. They sound old and new."

-P. Olstad    

"Dickish pomposity... adventuresome melodies, sparse but crafty instrumental arrangements and powerful harmonies... this band bears watching."

-D. Bolles    

"Angular music with unusual arrangements and sophisticated harmonies. They successfully balanced evocative wistfulness (think Maxfield Parrish sunset, e.g., 'Ecstasy') with David Byrne-ish art-nerd confidence. They were hard to predict and definitely not for everyone, but they really knocked me out, and I can't wait to see them out again."

-N. Orshan    


Guitar:Graham Forward
Keyboards:Carl Irving
Bass:Tucker Andrews
Drums:Brennan Mangan

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