The Werneckes - Cycle
Recorded in Montreal in 2008, Cycle is the second release by Jacob Moeller as the Werneckes. "Cycle" refers to the layered, repeating refrains used in many of the 12 songs, to the seasons, and to a summer spent bicycling through the streets of Montreal.
Composed and performed by Jacob Moeller. Synth on "Cycling" played by Xavier Arocha.

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1 - 
2 - 
Mostly Lies
3 - 
4 - 
Walked Out
5 - 
Now Me And Charlie
6 - 
7 - 
The Golem Of Prague
8 - 
The Alphabet
9 - 
Too Far
10 - 
The Grey Sky
11 - 
The World Ends On A Lovely Autumn Day
12 - 
Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously
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